Friday, March 18, 2011

detox - the first 3 days

As followers of my twitter account (or just in plain hearing range of me) would know that I've been really stressed recently then consequently run down.

My whole life from when I was small I had terrible heartburn/indigestion/diarrhea/allergies/asthma/eczema. My whole family have stomach/digestion problems, IBS/twisted bowels/barretts disease, you name it we got it. The doctors answers were always more medicine. Steroids, antacids, hormones. When I cut out dairy from my diet 10 years ago it was the most amazing, life changing moment. Within 3 days my sinus dried up, my stomach cramps/heartburn stopped. Gradually over the past ten years my allergies have almost completely gone (I was SEVERELY allergic to many things, cats, grass, mould, trees, pollen, to the point I couldn't go outdoors in spring/summer, couldn't go to peoples houses who owned a cat, a lot of the time I could have a sinusitis attack from just hanging out with someone who owned a cat). My allergies were so bad I couldn't travel, I couldn't risk staying at someones house who had mould (not something you could ask about) or even feather pillows/doonas. For hotels I had to specify what kind of bed linen. Generally it completely freaking sucked.

Anyway fast forward ten years, being on a vegan diet cured me of my asthma, allergies and completely changed my life. So as I don't have such glaring physical symptoms anymore I didn't equate that I would still be having digestion problems. I had been writing all about it on my facebook/twitter and my sister (who is in a same but different boat to me) recognised all my symptoms and suggested I needed to up the fibre as our families digestion systems are sluggish and a sluggish system doesnt digest food properly nor vitamins and slows you down (takes away energy from the body that could be used elsewhere). What a revelation!!

So I decided to start taking fibre supplements but also went on a detox. Just eat plain food, very basic beans and rice, lentils and substitute one meal per day for a protein shake. I eat too much food and I am 7kgs overweight. I am 5ft6 and 82kgs, I would like to lose 10kgs. Its simple. Not only do I eat too much food I have a crazy sweet tooth and eat way too much refined sugar. I'm taking this chance to reset my tastebuds, clear out my system and get all pins firing.

How am I feeling? A M A Z I N G. The first two days I woke up sweating in the middle of the night, having crazy hot and cold sweats. I feel sleepy but energised if that makes sense. I feel light and my stomach feels great (not crammed and bloated like its been feeling). I'm sleeping TONNES (9-10 hours) but obviously I need it. It goes to show you, even though I eat really well, lots of organic fruit and veg, pulses, grains, I still have a lot of toxin build up from eating TOO MUCH food and TOO MANY sweets. I plan on doing this detox for 2 weeks and hope to lose 5 kgs in the process. I will keep you posted!


  1. I'm currently detoxing too, a similar plan to yours minus the protein shakes. I've been eating a vegetarian diet for months now with lots of veggies, but didn't really realise how much I was eating that wasn't good for me. I've been vegan for about a week now and I've already noticed my sinuses have cleared up dramatically. I'm five days in (last week I eased myself into it) and although I'm experiencing some weird detox symptoms (exhaustion, itchy rash on my neck and chest, mild headaches on and off) I am feeling really great otherwise.I know exactly what you mean about your tummy feeling light, I woke up the other day and realised it'd been the first time in possibly a year that I've woken up without being bloated. I didn't realise detoxing could make such a difference!

  2. I forgot to add this in the post but drink TONNES of water and stretch, even if you dont feel like exercise. Got to flush out the toxins and keep them moving.

    Oh I'm so glad for you! It's an amazing transformation!

  3. good luck with the detox - so interesting to hear just how powerful diet is (though I have never got into detoxes - I am the same as you - eat healthy meals but too many sweets on top - but eating worse at the moment with kitchen in flux while builders do some magic - I hope)

  4. It is great to hear how you have managed to control alot of these troubling symptoms through your diet, it is inspiring for me!

  5. i am exactly the SAME! this week starts my week-long detox. i eat vegan usually but that hardly counts when it's vegan icecream and apple pie!

    good luck!

  6. If you want to add fiber to your diet, try a Green Smoothie. Google it and read up about them. I promise you won't be disappointed. Good luck!


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