Monday, March 21, 2011

monday melbourne roundup


joanna newsom @ melbourne recital centre

Firstly the acoustics in the recital centre main hall are exquisite. Secondly Joanna Newsom in such surroundings was utterly amazing. She is one of my favourite singers EVER and now with full band touring with her, really I feel like its something everyone should experience in their lives. She is incredible. I absolutely drowned in this.

thai food and culture festival - federation square

I ducked in there for an hour to gorge on a few thai treats. Being from Sydney I really miss amazing thai food everywhere available to me. Lots of noms, spring rolls and my favourite spring onion pancake. YUM.

in glass - malthouse

I dont go to dance things very often (I think I've been to 3 things in my life), its not something that I really enjoy or maybe more specifically I dont know what to go to that will be good etc. I went along with my friend Josh who is the director of Dance Victoria (so gets lots of freebies and knows whats good). I enjoyed this, the dancers bodies are just incredible, so mesmerising and I think I enjoyed it a lot more because its not something that I go to. I think if you wanted to check out dance go to this one, its very accesible and beautiful.

acca - australian centre for contemporary art

We ducked into ACCA before the Malthouse and saw the new exhibition, it's free and if you're in the neighbourhood check it out. Some quite lovely pieces, some absolute rubbish but thats contemporary art for you.




I've been living in Brunswick for 3 years and I've only ever grabbed a rushed takeaway from A1, Tabets and the car wash falafel joint. Shame! So meeting up with someone new, another resident of the republic of brunswick, I suggested we do a middle eastern place. She suggested alasya and the rest is history. A little bit of everything, falafel, dips, bread, vine leaves etc. I would suggest getting the small plates of everything if there is only two of you as we wasted a fair bit of food. It was totally delicious. I look forward to exploring more Sydney Road goodness. Your middle eastern food suggestions?

prince alfred port melbourne

Friday pub lunch with the boy(s) and I felt like chips so we went to the prince alfred. They no longer have the $15 lunch special which is a shame, but I got the 4 mushroom risotto which was totally delicious. Review coming this week.

tom phat

I had one of their new breakfast options which is nas goreng bananas with pineapple fried rice (minus chicken) DELICIOUS!! I didnt have my camera on me so didnt take a snap. I am loving their new menu, totally rocking my world!


  1. I love alasya, I just struggle with the MEAT that hits you when you walk in the door :( It's ok once you get to a table around the corner though.

    You also get unlimited bread which is dangerous.

  2. The Prince Alfred do a vegan risotto?

  3. they will make it vegan for you if you ask. As with most places, I find most places these days are very helpful.

  4. xavier - yes I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.... meat smell gross.... but its easy to get away from it.. torture waiting to pay

  5. Joanna Newsom was amazing - wonder if we were there the same night (Tues) - probably my gig of the year but who knows if I will get to see any others :-)

    I miss visiting ACCA - it used to be a regular weekend haunt - lovely to see a few pics

    our fave middle eastern place is now half moon for the amazing falafels - up in Coburg rather than brunswick but worth a visit if you are exploring middle eastern during the day (not open evenings)

  6. hi johanna YES we were! I have my favourite rapper this week (DOOM) and Grace Jones next month so its going to be a HUGE year for gigs for me... but she was so incredible right?

    yes I've been to half moon... can only get up there on the weekends... must endeavour to go up there more often...


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