Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Q and A

I know there has been a woeful lack of cooking posts but that will all change soon. I am having a huge dinner party on Sunday and plan on cooking ALL NEW RECIPES stay tuned! School has been really kicking my butt and I've been living on quick, simple meals for my detox. This weeks question kind of leads into this so I will combine it all into one post.

What are your favourite fast and easy recipes? especially things you like to freeze?

Organisation/preparation is key. Make sure you have your cupboard stocked with cans of beans/lentils and tomatoes, these are brilliant to make up something in a flash. Frozen vegies and fruit (canned and dried as well) are totally your friends! Quick cook grains like couscous or quinoa are great to knock up a quick salad or accompany a dish. Try to find the time at least once a week to make a big meal you can freeze. Eating the same thing for lunch everyday for 5 days gets boring but its MUCH better than processed food/going without/grabbing quick greasy junk food. Home made, healthy vegan food will help power you through the really busy times. Remember to maintain your protein, take loads of vitamin supplements, get your iron and b12 checked every 3 months. Most importantly remember to take time out just to rest.

Right now my favourite thing EVER to make is a big batch of red curry tofu (with thick instant rice noodles instead of waiting to cook rice - you know the kind that are sealed in the big packets, not dried, just throw in the curry in the last 2 minutes). Without the potatoes and split peas this takes 10 minutes. I always have coconut milk, curry paste, tofu, frozen veg and noodles in the cupboard.

A super quick meal (especially if you have some herbs growing in the garden) is bigilla. Just simple white bean dip, packed with protein and iron, raw garlic to keep you well. Enjoy on toast or cruskits. Takes 5 minutes. Make TONNES and you can eat it as a snack on the run with raw vegies.

Tofu scramble is also a winner. Throw whatever vegies you have lying around, tinned pineapple whatever! Get creative. Lots of protein and fresh vegies.

Smoothies are also fabulous for filling that void. I buy fruit while its in season then freeze to use for later. My freezer is full of berries and bananas all waiting to be in a smoothie! Rice milk, a handful of oats, some fruit, some linseed oil, shredded coconut maybe some raw peanut or almond butter. Super healthy and super tasty!

Broadbeans and garlic
Miso soup with instant fresh noodles and frozen vegies - protein packed and delicious
Couscous and lentil salad or variation on a theme handful salad. Any grain, any vegies or beans, maybe some smoked tofu cubes, make a quick dressing and off you go!
Lentil stew, one of the most popular recipes on the site for a reason!
Mushrooms on toast or consider having breakfast for dinner! Porridge is a really great dinner meal, you can get loads of frozen fruit in there, nuts, linseed oil.
Consider freezing baked goods, they defrost just as scrumptious! Make a huge batch of muffins loaded with fruit (this is where canned fruit particularly comes in handy) and freeze them. You can grab your breakky and nuke it and eat it on the way to the train like I've done many mornings.

And any soup!! Most soups freeze really well and if you take the time to make a really big batch it can feed you for months.

The bonus of all of this is, most of these recipes are really cheap to make. You are eating your own healthy food, keeping yourself well and not wasting your money on salty food high in saturated fats. In a bind I always have a couple of Amys Organics soups in the cupboard and at work.

Any other great recipes/tips? Would love to hear from you guys!

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