Monday, March 28, 2011

what's cookin good lookin?

I've been thinking about it for a while and now the time has come to take a break from blogging! I've been *so* stressed over school and my job and unfortunately something has to change for a while until I get on top of things.

I know a lot of you have only just discovered this blog! There is a wealth of information to wade through (almost 2 solid years of blogging), a recipe index and quite a few good articles on making being vegan easier (and more delicious). I'm a perfectionist at heart and the quality of the recipes on here (and photos) has finally gotten to me. I want them to be beautiful, I want a set set up in my house, with proper lighting and a digital SLR. So when I come back I will have all these things and I will be rewriting and reposting my old recipes all done up fresh again along with new material.

Just shy of my baby blogs 2 year anniversary I'd like to thank everyone! Especially all the veggie bloggers Michael and Cindy, Steph, Danni, K and Toby, Tahn, Vicky and Lisa. You guys were so welcoming when I first started and it was through having a community that made me start veggie drinks and reach out to other people (and also the wonderful Sharon at Vegaroo). I know what its like to be the lonely angry vegan with no one to talk to and how life changing it is to meet a whole bunch of people who share the same views as you. Until we meet again, please keep cooking from the blog and offering feedback on the recipes, everything can do with some updating.

Lots of love, Carla


  1. First Lisa now you.
    Sad for us consumers(readers) but understandable as it is hard to make the time to read them all at times but always worthwhile.
    So facebook it is!

  2. vegan about town is just Steph's blog. When we were together she used to blog about some of the things I cooked, but it's always just been her blog.

    Nowadays I blog my cooking myself:

  3. I completely understand needing a break, I've had to take a few when I was studying and am kind of tempted at the moment and I'm not even studying.

    Thanks for the kind words about us. I really love the community feel to blogging, congrats on the 2 year anniversary.

  4. thanks everyone!!

    @danni thansk for your link!! another blog for me to follow and i'll update this post asap.

  5. Good luck with your break carla - you will be missed - I think it is healthy to take a break - but I hope you will be back as I always enjoy your recipes and reflections

  6. Thanks Carla,
    Your blog has been an inspiring source of info and deliciousness for me since I made the swap from vegetarianism to veganism six months ago. Good luck with all your pursuits and I'll be eagerly awaiting your return to blog world.
    Bonnie xx

  7. I recently discovered your blog and this is sad news! But understandable. Your posts, recipes and just about everything is proof you are a perfectionist and you are now one of my favourite food blogs. You gotta love Aussie Vegan blogs with user-friendly ingredients. Thanks for everything.

  8. Enjoy your break, I will miss you! I love the Melb blogging community too, the whole reason I started a blog because everyone seemed so rad that I wanted to meet them all!

  9. All the best for your break! I hope you'll return refreshed and full of recipes. :-)


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