Monday, May 30, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - the adelaide edition

I love Adelaide. I know its who you know a lot of the of the time (which is particularly true of Adelaide) but I've had some amazing, fun filled crazy times in the City of Churches. This time was more sober, my friends have a small child now and my other friends I stayed with are 6 months pregnant but much fun was still had. But I'm getting ahead of myself, I had another jam packed week before I headed to Adelaide on Friday.


emerging writers festival - Opening Night

EWF is such a fantastic festival and with my friend Lisa Dempster at the helm its getting better each year. I've bought a Golden Pass this year and am trying to make it to as many events as possible. Though I found some of the acts uninteresting, Max Barrys speech on e-readers and digital publishing was one of the best things I've heard in ages. Check out the festival.

adelaide central market

THE BOMB. Much like a smaller, more contained version of Vic, Adelaide Central Market goes for quality over quantity. You swoon the second you walk in there.

See haul below: olive tapenade, morroccan hommous, german rye bread, garlic marinated olives, marinated artichoke hearts and corriander and walnut pesto.


hahndorf (aka german town)

"One of the Adelaide Hills' most famous towns, Hahndorf is Australia's oldest surviving German settlement." AMAZING! So SO many amazing small goods shops. As I'm trying to avoid wheat I found a BOUNTY of rye based products and many vegan sweets as Germans love rye and have proper dark chocolate! I got a bunch of ingredients on sale and am looking forward to using them all (particularly the bush spices)! See below:


back row: raspberry licorice, kapha tea (for my dosh - an ayurveda tea - bought at bliss organic cafe), sea salt with rosemary, 100% rye crispbreads (so SO much nicer than ryevita), dark chocolate mint thins

middle rows: organic fair trade coffee from Adelaide Central Market (cant remember the blend), chocolate and caramel pudding mix packets, teese mozz (bought at Bliss Organic - cant wait to try this), Melbas rum and raisin dark chocolate, native pepper, lemo myrtle and pepperberry seasoning, mountain pepper, roasted wattleseed.

front row: dark chocolate marizpan bar and spanish drinking chocolate.

melbas chocolates

Vegan heaven! All of their dark chocolate is vegan therefore A LOT of their dark chocolate covered things were vegan too! I exercised restraint and only bought rum and raisin and a giant freckle. I also bought red licorice!! and finished the packet in one sitting before realising I didn't check whether the red dye was vegan :( I've been dying to eat gummi bears for so long and this gave me my fix, so definitely check before you buy them.

art gallery - south australia

The Patricia Piccinini exhibition is exquisite. Think Matthew Barney, Guillermo Del Toro, Ron Muek, her body of work is breath taking. I was rendered completely speechless by this exhibition and was an amazing find for me. I can't believe I've never heard of her before! If you're in Adelaide go and see it. Other items of interest on display, some of my favourite Margaret Preston woodcuts and a Sidney Nolan crayon exhibition that was amazing.


In the coming soon department, Bliss Organic Cafe - Adelaide, Blue Corn - St Kilda, Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery - Melbourne.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time here in Adelaide. Hahndorf is deffinately somewhere anyone visiting Adelaide should go. You found tons of great food. I cant believe I didnt know melbas dark choc was vegan!!! Ive been there tons of times and dont usually buy chocolate.
    I also bought Teeze Mozz from Bliss a little while ago, i was sooo dissapointed, cheezly is so much better. Interested to hear what you think of it.


  2. I think there was a Patricia Piccinini exhibition at the NGV at Fed Sq a couple of years back and I'm pretty sure the piece you featured was in it :-)

  3. I live here and had no idea you could get so many vegan delights in Hahndorf! What the hell. Glad you had fun and are representing our lovely state well :D

  4. @Rose - yes after trying ALL the vegan 'cheeses' including daiya (which was on par with tofutti slices for being the most disgusting) cheezly mozz is the winner for me. I like A LOT of the Sheese flavours but it doesnt melt well and the texture is really full on. I love the Sheese blue and smoked cheddar, amazing to melt into dishes.

    @lucky - yes you're right! I remember that poster, why didnt I go and see the exhibition?!?! RETARD!

    @vegiebug - I'm a keen label reader, you never know whats going to turn up vegan!

  5. Just went to melbas their so called vegan chocs ALL contain butter oil aka ghee. Definitely not vegan... Maybe they changed the recipe since you were there?

  6. Oh really? That is so so so disappointing! Did you ask or just look at labels? I only bought a couple of things last time....


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