Monday, May 9, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - the I'm back edition

Strap yourself in because this is going to be a long one (I'll try to keep it as succinct as possible). Big news:

* I got accepted into the CAE to teach vegan cooking classes. This is huge for me and the first step into living my absolute dream. I will definitely be in the Spring program but there is a possibility I will be in the Winter program. I will of course keep you all posted.

* I went to New Zealand and had a ball (again). Ate till I thought I was going to explode, saw some cool volcanoes (there's 6 in Auckland ALONE!) went to Wellington for the first time. I will be posting what I ate there soon enough.

* I'm about to move house into the flat of my dreams. It's all brand new, dishwasher, reverse cycle air con, gas cooking/heating and loft bedrooms with huge sky lights. I've sold all of my stuff and am starting again. Living in a mouldy house can really REALLY ruin your health I'm looking forward to gaining strength and starting fresh and going back to training.

* School is going well, I've dropped one subject so I'm only doing 2 this semester. I've changed streams from 12 subjects to 9 which means I will get a web development diploma instead of the full IT diploma, that suits me fine because

* I got my EU citizenship (finally) and am planning on moving back to London July 2012. I will finish my diploma end of June 2012, wrap everything up and go. Depending on when I get a cookbook deal (its not if now its when) and what I have to do.

* Concentrating more on activism has been one of the most heartful and rewarding experiences in my life. I will continue to do this. The vegan bakesale was SO EASY and FUN I will definitely be doing it each month. Getting better at it as each time goes by. I will do a vegan bakesale separate post soon.

* Its almost film festival time and every time I think about it a little bit of wee comes out.

Jam packed 6 weeks right? Its only going to get busier but I'm feeling like a well oiled machine and that I'm doing everything my being was set out to do in this life time. Its the most freeing, joyful feeling that I go wobbly kneed if I think about it too much. I want to teach people, reach out to them that vegan food and the lifestyle is EASY and brings you so much peace and joy. Its why I started this website, its why I try and connect with as many people as possible.

soooo... to not overwhelm myself with the amount I have to report I will just stick to film and leave it at that. I've seen some great opera and theatre since I've been on break but I use the blog as a film journal to record what I've seen for my end of year list so here goes:

Barneys Version

Paul Giacometti is an extremely interesting actor, having managed to nail 3 of the most full and intriguing characters over the past 10 years. I loved this movie, it was gentle (and long) but the performances were completely amazing. I'm Canada obsessed so it was a cameo squeal fest for me too. Most other people wont get as much as I did out of it but I recommend you see it anyway. 3.5/5


This was GREAT! What an AWESOME action/drama. Tight, cogent, great performances and superbly paced this is just the kind of action film I can get behind. An old theme done in a refreshingly new way. 4/5

Inside Job

I knew everything that was in this doco so it wasnt a big surprise for me, but I urge EVERYONE TO WATCH IT. It explains exactly how the global financial crisis happened. Will make you absolutely furious. Great subject matter and pulled together really well, great use of music. This was also the winner of best doco at the Oscars. 4/5

The Way Back

Peter Weir is a wonderful film maker. The cinematography and landscapes in this film really steal the show from the performers. I thought it was too long but a perfectly good film, extremely well made and executed. Quality production but lacked drama for subject matter. 3.5/5


I'm a huge Gregg Araki fan, Totally Fucked Up really REALLY helped me through my teen years. Known for his harrowing films Gregg Araki set out to make the film the critics said he could never make. This dark drama is beautiful and quite funny with a hilarious ending. I personally never thought Gregg Araki *could* make a light hearted film but he has here and its spectacular. This is one of my favourite films of the year so far. 4.5/5


Whoa. Amazing. Harrowing. See it. 4.5/5

Source Code

Duncan Jones second film after the magnificent Moon is lovely. Its nice to see a director who truely loves human beings. His film style is straight mid to late 70s sci fi from the large score to sweeping aerials his technical skills and aesthetic is seriously gifted. His direction and use of light is as technically skilled as Kubric, his subject matter a happier ending Gilliam. This film is just downright lovely. 4/5

What have you been doing in the meantime? Any great recipes you'd like to share?


  1. congratulations on the CAE teaching - your life sounds like it is on the up - so much excitement! Good on you for planning ahead. My favourite of recipe of late might well be the tofu nuggets I made from Vegan Dad's recipe - highly recommend these

  2. Wow you've been bizzee! Nice one!

    I haven't seen ANY of the films on your list, can you believe it? But I will definitely elevate 'Limitless' and 'Kaboom' from 'maybe' to 'definitely' based on your reviews - cheers!

  3. ha what a busy time youve had!!
    That will be so awesome to teach vegan cooking! I dont recon theres any vegan cooking classes in Adelaide.
    The flat your moving into sounds amazing! Im looking to move out soon and am not looking forward to the hunt for a place.


  4. @johanna - thank you! I'm really excited! mm tofu nuggets will have a look at the recipe

    @lucky - would love to hear your reviews! especially on kaboom I think it was a lot of fun!

    @rose - yes I cant wait to move! brand new kitchen with dishwasher will encourage me to cook more I think. I dont think there are vegan cooking courses in Australia really... I keep looking.. necessity is the mother of invention

  5. Welcome back Carla. I was so exited to see you've returned to the blog, there was something missing from my daily internet fix without your weekly updates. It sounds as though it has been a really worthwhile break though as you have been up to some amazing things. congratulations on all of it
    :) Bonnie

  6. Hi Bonnie, naw thanks so much for the kind words it feels good to be back :)


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