Tuesday, May 17, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - the moving house edition

I had grand plans to do many things last week (brighton rock, macbeth @ opera australia, bands at the retreat, book club), but my life at the moment is like a tidal wave that is just washing me along so I just have to go with the flow. I found, inspected and got the house of my DREAMS last week and picked up the keys on Friday so I spent the entire weekend and Monday moving (and there is still more to go) but I am feeling so happy and settled. The universe has lots in store for me and is providing me with a comfortable base for me to COPE with the joy and amazingness that is going to continue flooding in. There were trips to MoVida, Syracuse, an artists dinner at the exclusive members only gentleman's club The Savage Club but I don’t feel like going into detail. The cold weather is making me ecstatic (WHAT HAPPENED TO CARLA?!?! WHERE IS THE GIRL FROM SYDNEY?!?). Melbourne truly shines in Winter, I can't wait. Prediction, I actually think its going to snow in Melbourne this year. Wacky.

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