Monday, May 23, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Insanely busy week. I've embarked on a serious liver cleanse, my first in 5 years. No alcohol, wheat, refined sugar or fried food. Its a 2 month process ending in a liver flush which is like being possessed by the devil but clears out all liver and kidney stones (before they become calcified). I'm looking forward to feeling like a million bucks at the end of it. I also bought this book and after doing the liver cleanse diet, blood type and researching eastern medicine it all funnels into this. I'm committing my life to Ayurveda fully from now on. It just makes so much sense to me. I'm really really excited about this.


the pearl fishers - opera australia

After having had a subscription to Opera Australia for 2 years now, their production of the Pearlfishers is everything I dream of when I imagine 'Opera'. Lush, surreally vibrant sets with equally colourful costumes, you almost drown in the colour saturation of the Ceylon setting. The perfect blend of drama, love, jealousy and religion (all Opera key stones) with a delicate and romantic score the Pearlfishers was a 3 dimensional Opera to me, hitting everything perfectly. The arias, the story, the sets, the costumes, in particular the use of fire for light and the ever gorgeous Henry Choo, it’s a wonderful performance.

next to normal - mtc

Honestly I'm SICK of these crazy mother plays the MTC keep choosing as part of their repertoire. The songs were good but overall this insane/cold/intellectual matriach causing destruction in the atomic family schtick is getting really really old. We didn't even wait for the interval and snuck out half an hour into it.

the mikado - opera australia

So so wonderful. I was so looking forward to this, a fun, humorous night at the Opera and they didn't disappoint. The set and costumes were to die for, gigantic tea pots, vases and Japanese fans. The chorus were lovely but Ko-Ko was a stand out. Played with the camp slapstick of the Dean from Community, he was absolutely hilarious and the perfect amount of camp. My highlight was the "they will not be missed" free style where he criticised climate change deniers and Andrew Bolt lovers and the conservative, wealthy crowd stopped laughing. G O L D.

body electric dance studios - animals

If you don't know what Bodyelectric is where have you been? Spandex, glitter, high camp, guns n roses it has something for everyone. Every once in a while they have an inter school dance competition and they've finally moved to a venue where lots of people can come! (before dancers were allocated 3 tickets). This was an AMAZING night full of THEATRE. Get along to the next one.

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