Thursday, May 5, 2011

vegan bakesale - raising funds for the RSPCA queensland

HELLO!!! It begins!!! My first vegan bakesale is raising money for the RSPCA Queensland. They had most of their infrastructure washed away during the floods. If you dont like the RSPCA (like a lot of vegans) never fear! because I will be raising money for Animals Australia AND Animal Liberation Victoria at subsequent bakesales.

What do I need from you?

Wear your eating pants and come on down and buy some delicious vegan baked goods...!

I also need people to donate vegan baked goods
. Ideally things that are easily eaten in a single serve, ie: brownie slices, cupcakes, lemon bars that kind of thing. If you are making cookies please bag them into say $5 lots. Also if you can bring your item with a cover on it that would be most helpful, we have to have the food shielded in containers.

For tips on what to bake and other things please looky here!

I will be making one gluten free option and one wheat option. If someone could bring something raw that would be awesome as well!

Love to see you there! Carla

when: Saturday May 7th, 10am to 2pm
where: Fitzroy Public School, corner Napier & Chapel Streets Fitzroy

Fitzroy Market website
Facebook event


  1. oooh sounds awesome! I hope you have another Carla as I'd love to check it out, but can't this weekend.

  2. Hi there,

    Can you tell me why some vegans dont like the RSPCA.... I might be a dunce and completely out of touch, but what is the issue.
    shall see you tomorrow to buy a baked good for mothers day.

    Ness - 33 year old Vegetarian of 18 years and daughter of vegan mum of 50 years!

  3. there is a lot of criticism of the RSPCA over their egg labelling and work with the meat industry theres many articles out there if you want to have a look. see you tomorrow! cheers!


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