Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ying thai 2 - carlton

Larb Woon Sen Pub - Warm vermicelli salad with vegetables, chilli, lemon juice and ground rice

Pud Med Ma-Mueng - Stir fry vegetable with cashew nuts

Ying Thai 2 nom nom. Some lovely Thai food right there. Not as amazing as the first time I went but still really really good. Be sure to specify vegetarian so you dont get fish or oyster sauce. A uni hang out, food is served whip fast in a colourful as a kindy environment. Totally.Go.There.

Deets: 110 Lygon St, Carlton and 235 Victoria St, Abbotsford
$$: mains around $10-14 entrée $6-$10

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joyce gave it a HOT
brian from fitzroyalty also loved it
cindy and michael also had good things to say
that jess ho also loves it

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