Wednesday, June 8, 2011

aunty menas - wellington - new zealand

"bbq pork" dumplings
wonton noodle soup

Oh Aunty Mena's. Wellingtons seemingly most loved vegetarian restaurant and for good reason. When I put out the call on Twitter for where to go in Wellington, I got flooded with single responses "Aunty Menas". Not really up for *more* mock meat than already ingested in my trip I avoided Aunty Menas on the first day but was finally wooed by her siren song on the second day. The interior is unassuming, just some tables and chairs with many of Aunty Menas family sitting at a big bench at the back making dumplings and other goodies. The bbq pork dumplings were incredible but nothing like the wonton soup. The wonton soup was light, delicious and handmade it was totally mind bending. Go to Aunty Mena's.. just go.

deets: 167 Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand web: Aunty Menas place page
$$: I cant remember $15NZ all up I think


  1. Hey Carla,
    I'm heading to NZ for an extended break soon - is there a NZ veg*n guide book out there somewhere? How did you find out about all these lovely treats I've been reading about?

  2. Oops - never mind - just found your post mentioning An Auckland Vegan - have signed up to that one :-)

  3. oh I'm glad my lengthy response time has enabled your self sufficiency haha! I also just typed in 'vegan blog' to where I'm going and have a look! the locals know! have fun am super jealous NZ is awesome!


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