Thursday, June 30, 2011

easy as vegan pie guide to eating and drinking in melbourne

I've spent a load of time updating it, culling places, adding a bunch of places. Adding links to reviews if I've had them.

84K hits can't be wrong!

View Melbourne Restaurants/Cafes and Bars, a Northsideladies Guide in a larger map

*Please note this is by no means a definitive list! The suburbs that are heavily featured are because I work or live there. I have nothing against other suburbs and I'm sure there is awesome stuff out there I just havent made it there yet!


  1. Wow, only the brewery for Richmond? I would have expected at LEAST Tofu Shop and Thanh Nga Nine...3121 is not a complete vegan blackhole!

  2. hi there! oh no its not a 'complete' guide to eating in Melbourne.. I hardly ever go to Richmond.... and generally only include places I've eaten if I've given a review on my website.. and been there a couple of times. I went to the tofu shop once about 8 years ago.... I love Richmond dont get me wrong!


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