Tuesday, June 21, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - the missed two weeks crappy blogger edition

HELLO! What's been shaking hip cats?! Hows the wind in this place?! Almost blew my wig off yesterday. The long and the short of it is, after going mental over my mouldy place I sold everything I owned and moved into a 3 storey walk up across the street (brand spanking new - was a MUST). So after a month of travelling (adelaide/melbourne/the country) and generally never being home I was sad to find all of my shit still in boxes and zero furniture when I got back from Sydney, "OH NO IT'S STILL HERE" I cried (reenactment). My flatty from NZ is moving in 2 weeks so I've had to get myself sorted out PRONTO. Couple with a gross snotty cold and cleaning EVERY SINGLE THING I own out (I'm talking shoes I wore to my parents wedding, pen pals from when I was 11 - I'm no hoarder or sentimental but I was pragmatic enough at the time to think I MIGHT be sentimental over them in the future.. turns out I was wrong.. I'm still a cold heartless bitch who couldn't give two shits over 'memories') and getting seriously deranged on the organisation, the process has been taking a l o n g a s s time. I'm talking alphabetised spices with index cards kind of craziness.

So. After a few IKEA trips and a lot of lying down whimpering I'm almost all together (well I'll make the new flatty cut off date... just). But lots of crazy good things have been happening in the world of MAH BELLY, been eating lots of great food, ate a Walkers vegan dog yesterday for the first time in about a year, seeing I'm trying to give up my addiction to fried food.. and its right next door to Lord of the Fries.. I figure its the lesser of two evils (gluten vs fried). So that is my SAD ASS life right now, but what else have I been up to?


little white lies - miff member screening

You know what I'm going to say right? TOO LONG. 2.5 hours, bloody hell the French can waffle on. Kind of French "La Dolce Vita" but the only thing that made La Dolce Vita mesmerising was being able to watch Marcello Mastrioni on screen for 3 hours. If you like em long and lightly philosophical this is your game! 2/5.

joan as policewoman - the atheneum
Joan is a goddess, truely. I love the different directions she goes in.. and this one is wild and crazy summoning the gods from the ground late 70s rock shit right there. There were times where I was just... so spun out from what was happening I couldnt speak. F>A>B>. Get her albums, all of them.

manacle @ la mama

My first reviewing gig for Theatre Alive which was nerve racking. At any given independent theatre production you have to assume that most people there are friends/family of the cast so I had to kind of tip toe around getting vox pops etc. Will post the link when its up.

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