Wednesday, June 29, 2011

nasi goreng nanas - tom phat - brunswick


This was unfortunately the best meal I've had at Tom Phat in months. The food was really super bad just before the Christmas break which I let them know about. This year its been patchy sometimes back to its old self other times just really sad and uninspired. I kept hanging in there hoping it would change, I stopped getting the scrambled tofu altogether because it was disappointment after disappointment (too watery, too much tomato, not enough asian smoky oil flavour - basically not that dry, perfectly stir fried steaming plate of goodness). Also most of the time my dish was luke warm, 3 times I had to send it back. The nasi goreng (lunch menu) has suffered a similar fate, its no longer gorgeously grilled skewers of tempeh and tofu on a bed of perfectly fried rice, they are soggy and hidden underneath a bowl shaped mould of glugy rice with very little flavour.

Bye Tom Phat. We had fun but it's over (which makes me so sad, I was such a champion for you guys!). Any suggestions of breakfast places in Brunswick?

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