Friday, June 17, 2011

quinoa porridge


Quinoa, super food. Packed with protein, calcium and iron it should be a part of any vegans regular diet (and anyone really!). As you keeners would be well aware, I loves me some detoxes and different kinds of diets. I've done quite a bit of Ayuerveda in the past and since buying "Eat right for your body type" I'm 100% sold on what to do now, follow Ayuerveda. It's all the food I dont eat naturally (and eat TOO MUCH OF). I've got some time off coming up which I'm going to concentrate on making meal plans and getting all the ingredients in place. One small change but has been significant from my stomachs point of view is changing oats to Quinoa. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Quinoa is not as creamy but has a wonderful chewyniess to it (trust me on this one). Add whatever you like putting in your porridge or follow mine.

40-50gms of Quinoa
100 mls of rice milk
100 mls of water
1 handful of trail mix (make sure all the nuts and seeds are raw), roughly chopped (picking out the prunes and yelling YUCK and throwing them in the bin)
1 tsp of maple syrup
1 tsp of LSA
1 tsp of linseed oil

1. Cook the Quinoa in the water and rice milk for about half an hour (or until tender).

2. Stir through the trail mix, maple syrup and linseed oil. Sprinkle the LSA on top.

Pro tip:
I cook a big batch of Quinoa in my rice cooker which last for me 3 days then reheat in a saucepan in the morning, adding all the bits and bobs then.


  1. Hey Carla,
    I once bought quinoa flakes by mistake. Then realized that because they require less cooking than standard quinoa they can be used in conjunction with standard quickoats and cooked in the Microwave for 90 seconds or so. Not as nice as the real quinoa but handy still for those rush rush mornings.
    Ps. I can't believe you don't like prunes. Craziness!
    Sand tunes

  2. Yeah so my quinoa porridge looked NOTHING like that. Pretty sure I was doing it wrong.

  3. wow great tip Sandy!!

  4. I'll definitely be trying this one. Thanks sugar!
    Macaroni xo:)

  5. I went through a huge phase of having porridge made with quinoa flakes, then went back to oats on account of the expense. I can't believe I never tried this!


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