Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bliss organic cafe - adelaide

raw jaffa cake with soy cream
banana cake with raw icecream and soy cream
hot apple (hot organic apple juice infused with cinnamon, lemon thyme & cloves)
bliss bomb (espresso, chocolate, milk & rice syrup, layered to create a sweet coffee explosion)

I'm obviously very behind because I went to Adelaide months ago, but better late than never right? Bliss Cafe is pretty much my dream come true. All organic, massive menu, serves rice, oat and soy milk. Makes a lot of their ingredients themselves like soy cream, mayo etc. The space is huge, with a big outdoor area which would be so lovely in the warmer months. Bliss also has a small shop full of vegan, organic goods. Me and my friends pigged out on dips and bread before we went in so we were pretty full and only got dessert. There are a couple of baked cakes and raw cakes/slices etc available. Both cakes were utterly delicious, particularly the raw ice cream, that was incredible. Bliss' prices are so cheap I really dont understand how they make money. All the food is incredibly fresh, the staff smiley and happy, the drinks menu in particular is seriously impressive. The warm apple juice was perfect, exactly what I needed on the cold winters night. The "Bliss Bomb" was the perfect combinaton of chocolate and coffee, combine it with oat milk at it was like a hot milkshake. The walls are adorned with local artists (I bought 2 prints) and the kitchen is really busy, giving a wonderful alternative for local chefs to cook in a veggie environment. Everything Bliss does is so ON, from local involvement to great food, it's a rare bird. Seriously impressed. We went back there for dinner which will be posted soon. Bliss inspires me to open my own place in Melbourne, its breaks my heart that it's not here.

deets: Bliss Organic Cafe - 7 Compton Street, Adelaide web: Bliss Organic Cafe
$$: cakes, baked $7 raw $8.50 drinks, bliss bomb $4.90 warm appple $3.90

other voices, other times:

lisa dempster (whos post prompted me to go there)
hot chocolate, dark desires


  1. Sounds wonderful, we need a Melbourne version for sure! My mouth is watering looking at your pics :)

  2. Yum!! I was in Bliss two days ago, had a huge raw salad, it was awesome.


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