Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a brand new me

The initial site redesign is up! Come over and check it out :) I've got a fair bit of content to re-write and things to move around but slowly slowly. I'm also going to start (once I get a digital SLR) rewriting and shooting my favourite recipes. I hope you like the new site!


  1. Hello hello. Just retesting your comment feature. :-)

  2. love your new look - those cannisters are so cool - but I love your photos so am surprised you are reshooting them

  3. hello cindy :)

    oh thanks Johanna! I'm a perfectionist and there are some photos that irritate me! Also I'm sure once I get a new fandagle camera I'm going to want to reshoot things.. I also cook the same food A LOT so a good excuse to update recipes when I cook them :)

  4. New site looks fantabulous!

    I've a new place for you to try when you're next in Sydney - Yulli's, 417 Crown St, Surry Hills.

  5. la la love the new header! those canisters are the bomb :D Looks good!

  6. gorgeous!

    thinking bout u lots at the moment :)

  7. Love the new design Carla. Almost makes me want to turn vegan :)

  8. @kirstin YES I tried going there about 6 months ago but it was closed :( but am dying to go!!

    @vegiebug thanks lady!

    @barny I miss you too honey... xx

    @dan .. high complement indeed haha!


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