Friday, July 22, 2011

chocolate brownie birthday layer cake


Visiting friends in the Blue Mountains over the Queens Birthday long weekend (I hadn't seen in 10 years! thanks Facebook!) it was our friends birthday and we wanted to make a cake for him (being those kind of girls) also being poor student types we wanted to be resourceful with what we had. VOILA! We had a Melindas brownie mix and a Deliciously Free cake mix we baked them both and decided to cram them together into a layer cake! Erin also had some Morinaga tofu in her cupboards as well as some frozen berries and soyatoo (a well stocked kitchen!) so we came up with this cake.

We baked the cakes, piled whipped soyatoo onto the first layer then placed them together. Then we made the chocolate frosting, here's the link to making creamy chocolate frosting with tofu (and another amazing franken layer cake) and iced the entire cake with it. On the top we used the last of the chocolate frosting and soyatoo, and then boiled up the raspberries until they were like a jam and put it on top. It tasted AMAZING. Such a great franken cake effort!

1 comment:

  1. Seriously A- MAZING. Our future's are bright if we keep bakin it up together! Miss you!


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