Wednesday, July 13, 2011

fo guang yuan tea house - melbourne

jasmine tea
bbq 'pork' bun
crystal dumplings

I'm studying an IT diploma at the moment (very slowly, 2 subjects a semester) and I often stop into Fo Guang Yuan for lunch on my way from school into work. A quiet tea house nestled into a Buddhist art gallery, Fo Guang Yuan serves mostly mock meat dishes (not GF friendly) and a huge array of teas. The service can be patchy, sometimes so quick you don't have time to settle in, other times so slow and so hard to get someones attention that you want to walk out. Not a place to go if you are in a hurry but I think that is the point.

Pictured is the jasmine tea, the bbq pork buns (which are lovely but MASSIVE) and the crystal dumplings which I whole heartedly declare the best dumplings in Melbourne (yes, I truly do). Like a kind of ugly mermaid, Fo Guang Yuan is still really amazing but hard to get to due to Monday to Friday lunch opening hours. I would suggest just going for a cup of tea, its a serene place to nestle into some work or reading. The cumquat tea is amazing but get it to share, having a whole pot yourself is pucker inducing.

deets: 141 Queen Street, Melbourne web: Fo Guang Yuan
$$: cheap. buns and dumplings were around $7 each, tea is $7 for a pot (they will top up with hot water for free)

other voices, other times:
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  1. This is a little oasis of calm in the middle of the city. The menu at Fo Guang has more desert and tea options than mains, so make sure you leave some room.
    herbal tea

  2. I actually think they've stopped the desserts menu, its been taped up the last couple of times I've been there!

  3. Interesting... I keep hearing folks say "it was fantastic 2+ years ago and has gone way downhill". But if the bbq buns and dumplings are still rocking, I'm IN.

  4. @cindy I only first went late last year so can't comment.... but do love the buns and the dumplings!


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