Monday, July 11, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

I had last week off and got SO MUCH DONE. Loads of cooking and eating and website making and cycling and talking with friends in cafes about amazing things. I also started catching up on film for 2011! MIFF is about to happen which I'm so excited over I could DIE. Are you going? A point of interest, I went to a wedding at the Grace Darling on Saturday and the vegan catering was INCREDIBLE. I highly HIGHLY recommend them (I also baked the wedding cake - I will be posting about it this week!).

out (film).

Actually really good! I love Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph etc (who is married to Paul Thomas Anderson! who knew!). I got a few good belly laughs out of this, it makes me happy that I'm not completely dead inside to rom coms. 3/5

never let me go
Keira Knightly HATE. This was so weird and so inconsistent. Mark Romanek did a stunning job shooting it, it looks gorgeous, the light in particular is incredible but this film was SO boring. SO BORING. Watch Moon instead. 2/5.

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