Thursday, August 11, 2011

advertising space now available!

hear ye hear ye! The time has come for me to start selling advertising on my wee little site. As I'm sure you're all sympathetic, I need to start making MONEY out of this baby I've been nurturing. Ad revenue is not going to make much but with upcoming cooking classes and hopefully a cookbook coming out next year all little bits will add up. I will only be offering space to vegan businesses (but will be offering charity to space to both welfarist and abolitionist organisations).

The Deal
The advertising space on the site will be all on the side bar and will be placed in between content, ie: one ad space at the very top then EAVP content then ad space etc (1 ad every month placed at the bottom will be available for charity). The top ad, the one that will be most viewed, will be the most expensive (already sold for 6 months) then all ads underneath are set at the same price. Ads will commence on the 1st of September and space will be sold on a month to month basis. I'm offering a start up rate of 1st month free if you buy 3 months upfront and ongoing 10% off 3 months or more.

I am uniquely positioned as one of the most popular vegan websites in Australia (90% of my traffic). This is a great opportunity to get exposure to your vegan business. If you are an animal charity and would like to utilise the free space please contact me.

For more details (I have a longer version of this pitch available) with stats, future projects etc please email me: carla[dot]sammut[at]gmail[dot]com.


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