Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dr tempehcon - or I how I stopped wretching and learned to love the tempeh


Ahhh "tempeh-con". I have to admit I've abhorred tempeh until now. The only time I'd eaten tempeh and liked it was at Real Food Daily in their burger. It's a texture thing, it's a taste thing, it's an all over tempeh you are seriously gross thing. But something came over me. I just became obsessed with recreating the tempeh bacon from Real Food Daily and although I couldn't be bothered making my own stove stop smoker or finding maple crystals I thought DAMN IT I can find a recipe that works. From there an addiction was born. Rummaging around the web the general consensus was maple syrup, soy sauce, liquid smoke. The cooking methods varied but the main method was slice thinly and pan fry. I then found this wonderful amazing woman Colleen Patrick Goudreau and tried the recipe in this video:

What I took away from this stuck, STEAM THE TEMPEH, it makes it completely amazing and like a sponge even eager to soak up the marinade. I can (and have) eaten a whole packet at once. It's seriously good, a little lengthy to get it crispy but OH so worth it.

1 packet of tempeh, pat dry and slice thinly (bearing in mind it plumps up when steamed)
1/4 cup of soy sauce/tamari
1/4 cup of maple syrup
1 tbsp of liquid smoke

1. Steam the tempeh slices for 8-10 minutes in vegie steamer. The tempeh will go a whiteish colour.

2. Mix up the marinade and soack the tempeh strips (I usually just line them up like before they were sliced and wedge them into a lunchbox) over night if possible.

3. Line up the tempeh strips on a wire rack and drain the marinade off then line the little soldiers up on a baking sheet and grill the shit out of them at 200 degrees (or high). I do 10 minutes each side, twice. That gets them real crispy, so good you feel like you're going to die.

4. Slather some toast with mustard and avocado and you have yourself a breakfast of champions.

notes: my grill is crap, keep an eye on the tempeh, most people need half the time


  1. Yum yum yum. This looks pretty similar to the tempehcon that Las Vegan are currently offering for breakfast - so much crispier than anything we've made at home thus far.

  2. I like tempeh but not as much as tofu. Have never thought of steaming it though! I like it best in sandwiches with salad and a yummy sauce.

  3. It has taken me FOREVER to find a tempeh recipe that hasn't tasted foul. Tempeh bacon wasn't too bad but tofu bacon was ultimately superior. I like your method of grilling rather than pan-frying, must try this next time. I'm currently writing a post about my eventual success with a tempeh recipe too!

  4. I'm not a big fan of tempeh either but this sounds yummo!


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