Monday, August 1, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - MIFF week 2

woowee folks! This MIFF has been a CRACKER. Things I have learned, doing 3 sessions in one day is perfect. It gives you loads of full day breaks. 4 sessions in one day is not ideal though I can do it if the lineup is really good. My favourite spacing is 11am, 4pm then 6.30pm. If I have only 1 scheduled I generally wont go. Lessons learned for next year, schedule at least 2 back to back but ideally 3, become hot food monitor and publically heckle people who bring hot food into the cinema. EAVP news is, I'm trying to find a kitchen to do cooking classes in this week so if you have any contacts LET ME KNOW! If you want to find out when and where cooking classes are please sign up to my mailing list.


the woods - 5pound theatre - the owl and the pussycat richmond
my glowing review is posted at Milkbar Magazine

project nim

Not a dry eye in the house. This is a magical documentary that is so taut it makes you realise how *good* documentaries can be. 4.5/5

into eternity

Very interesting subject but the director was either trying to fill time (this should have been an hour tv special) or is just incredibly vein and pretentious as he was in the doco most of the time! The sweeping slow mo shots of the tunnel reminded me so much aesthetically of Matthew Barney and essentially this is what it feels like, an art wank. 2/5.


Errol Morris is a genius and possibly the best director working today (certainly the best editor) so I'm partial. This is Errol in exquisite form, his wry sense of humour but also his human treatment of his subjects is *on*, this is side splittingly hilarious, where does he find these people?!?! 4.5/5

the ballad of genesis and lady jaye

A lovely and gentle doco about two very extraordinary people. Genesis P. Orridge and his wonderful partner Lady Jaye and their views on life and art and pangender identification and getting plastic surgery to look like each other. It's a wild ride and a touching one. 3/5

page one of the new york times

A completely extraordinary documentary. Seriously. I get worried when such an important subject as this gets a doco, I hope to the sky that its made well because its the only chance to get it right. This is such an insightful, balanced, exquisite documentary about the decline of print media, the rise of digital media, the role of journalism in our society and everything in between. David Carr is one of my favourite writers EVER and I was beyond ecstatic to see so much of him. This doco really did it for me and others too in an 800 person cinema you could have heard a pin drop, no one was daring to breath in case they missed a milisecond of this piece of genius. 5/5


Just gorgeous. Such a lovely gentle film about life, death, how its never too late to start living. Very funny and sweet, Ewan McGregor is pretty much the most gorgeous man in existence. 3.5/5

martha marcy may marlene

The darling of the indie film scene it just didnt do too much for me. I found the directed shots (the micro slow pan, the lingering body shots) like a dirty old man who went to Sofia Coppola school of direction. There was way too much gratuitous braless cult chick titty action in this for me to take it seriously. Cinematography is gorgeous and I could never say a bad word against John Hawkes but this just left me... blah. 3/5 (it gets 3 instead of 2.5 because the photography is seriously incredible, the use of natural light in particular is supernatural).

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