Monday, August 8, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - MIFF week 3

Ahh the home stretch, this is where I usually *gasp* lose interest. There's only so much amazing stuff I can take it at once you know? I still managed to do 21 films total which is pretty good. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I was deeply offended and then also deeply bored. I house sat for a friend a bunch of times in between and had all in all a pretty amazing 2 weeks off work! So with a sigh of relief MIFF is over for another year and I am back to reality today with work then school later then volunteering tomorrow. It's been realz Melbs xx



I found this film deeply offensive. I "get" that people who work such horrendous jobs like this sometimes have to find the humour in what they do, but I don't think that should ever be conveyed to the general public. For the majority of this film the audience was in hysterics, I'm sorry but I don't think the rape and sexual assault of children is funny. Ever. -100000/5

the future

Look this is very Mirand July, if you like her stuff I'm sure you'll swoon over it. I really liked this, what a bunch of childless shithead arseholes we can be and how we can throw it all away because we get bored... or have to eventually face our 'adulthood'. I liked it, a lot 3.5/5


SO BORING. Honestly if you've just woken out of a 20 year coma and want to know whats up in the world of technology watch this. Otherwise snooze fest and what is with Moby? He's like the techno Bono.... just wheel him out for some vox pops on technology or veganism an voila! You have funding! Yawn. 1/5

innocent saturday
no trailer available.

Unanimously voted the worst film of film festival. I walked out at the half an hour mark. The shaky cam was making me nauseous and most of this film didnt make sense. 0/5

life in a day

This was ok, it kept me pretty engaged WARNING scenes of animal slaughter! (I wish I'd known that). In reality though its like they made Baraka out of youtube clips. Pretty poor quality. 2/5


Absolutely profound. I *loved* this film, particularly from a Mediterranean persons point of view it talks about a lot of issues between new and old generation. A lot of people won't like this however, I think it would be too art film for them. There is so many layers of meaning to this I'm going to be thinking about it for weeks. Astonishing, I love the lead actress too, she is so raw, incredible. LOVED THIS 4/5


Winner of the Queer Palm? Why? SLOW, boring! I had high expectations after several SERIOUS warnings about the SHOCKING content by the MIFF crew. They said group sex, gang rape and peodophilia. Sorry but the rape of a 22 year old does not constitute peodophilia? Incest perhaps.

Anyway interesting film but too slow would have been courageous choices for the lead actors to do and it was very well acted/directed (the framing was sublime) I guess after all the warnings I was expecting a gay romper stomper... but to no avail. 2/5

exporting raymond

This was a great way to end the fest a very funny, wry doco about Phil Rosenthals trials and tribulations of making Everybody Loves Raymond in Russia. I personally find the show moronic and offensive to pretty much everyone (men, women, older people, children etc) but the doco was very cute. He is pretty much Raymond, a total putz but a genuinely nice guy. If that was my baby they were trying to mutilate I would have ripped them a new one but (perhaps because of the film crew) he very patiently and with good nature tried to steer the crazy Russian ship towards *something* resembling his show. Cute, funny, warm 3/5

silent disco - the arts centre

I didn't enjoy this, I found it as jarring as an iPod on 'song intro' but perhaps that was the point. There were many threads that were interesting but I felt weren't followed through to a conclusion. The dialogue was realistic, I liked the staging and the actors were very good I just felt like this didnt go anywhere. 2/5

vienna - art and design - national gallery victoria

Considering this isn't the winter masterpiece exhibition (Tutankharmoun is) it's about half the size of the regular exhibition of this time of year. So with that in mind I thought it was too expensive at $25 but this is a minor grip. The show itself is incredible and has caused me to day dream for days now of how I want to design everything in my house from lightbulb holders to chairs and taps and basins. I had a very small amount of knowledge of this period of time in art and now I'm utterly obsessed. If you love design, painting, furniture, jewelery EVERYTHING go to his exhibition. Luck had it that I managed to tail the official tour which was also awesome, highly recommend it.

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