Monday, August 15, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Sitting down to write this I draw a blank, what the hell did I *DO* last week. I can't really remember.. something about going back to school, a couple of dinner parties, 2 VERY boozy nights on the weekend and howling at the full moon? Just about sums it up right?

Been hanging out at Wide Open Road tonnes (especially now they have Henrys Beans on the menu WOOT). Also been seen at Von Haus too much and Self Preservation (delicious delicious wine nom nom). Been spotted at The Vegie Bar pigging out on raw food, I've been getting acupuncture in Clifton Hill so whoops find myself at the Vegie Bar a lot now (best - the raw cacao shake AMAZEBALLS). I also went and checked out St Jeromes Resurrection (and then went crawling to the Alderman shaking from skanky meth hobo overkill). So yeah, loads of boozing looks like, ever since I've been getting acupuncture I can drink like a fish it's crazy. Who knows whats going on there. No 'outs' proper did not go to an art gallery, show, theatre or anything this week WHOA. After MIFF I'm pretty keen to be out and about moving around TALKING.


  1. So I've just discovered your blog and not only is it describing the kinds of foods I live to eat ( currently almost-vegan, still eating eggs ) but it's also wonderfully written.
    Thankyou! I'm bookmarking!

    xx Melbournite newbie to the blog world.

  2. hello! welcome! thanks for the props x


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