Monday, August 29, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

It's 7.43am Monday and I'm sitting here exhausted barely able to move. But I have to leave soon so I can squeeze a dentists appointment in, a meeting with a prospective demo kitchen, a kind of business lunch then work then school till 10pm. This is pretty much my life at the moment. I feel like a hyperactive chihauha running after a non existent ball. School holidays are soon where I plan to *try* and stay home. The usuals were hit this week, Von Haus, Purple Peanuts, Movida Aqui (nom nom nom), Markov Place (yaya! I haven't been there in AGES) and A Simple Affair.


hamlet - mtc
I was looking forward to this ALL YEAR, Ewen Leslie is the current darrrling of the Australia theatre scene and honestly his Richard the Third last year was one of the best things I've EVER seen. So the stakes were high. Hamlets a tough one, you have to butcher it substantially to get a running time under 3 hours so I felt it a little rushed at the end. Most of the actors felt exhausted, the stage was incredible and they did "make it their own" they managed to make Hamlet sexy.... which I've never understood why its been so austere in the past... its a big hulking brooding crazy sexy Danish guy getting his revenge on. Serious point for hilarity, the scene where Hamlet gets the travelling players to reenact his fathers death to the king and queen is played by BREAKDANCING MIMES (kind of). There was a tongue firmly planted in cheek here and everyone was wonderful but it just fell kind of flat for me. Impressive but they felt tired. ps: Pamela Rabe is so freaking HOT.


Easily my favourite film of the year. Talking about this in Saturday night it made me cry all over again. I never really 'got' dance, I philosophically understood the place it occupies in the arts but it never really moved me the way other art forms did. This film floored me, I cried out of pure joy. Please please please go and see it before it finishes, you need to see it in 3D. 5/5

the aliens - red stitch actors theatre

Here's my review on Milkbar.

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