Wednesday, August 10, 2011

rspca cupcake day

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to be participating in the RSPCA cupcake day by baking delicious cupcakes and cookies to bring into my work. If you would like to donate a couple of bucks please go to my donations page.

I raise money for ALL forms of animal charities, this year so far I have raised money for the RSPCA, Animal Liberation Victoria, Animals Australia and Edgars' Mission. I do not align with one side and think ALL organisations do great work at raising awareness.



  1. Hey Carla, it's a great cause! Oh - and Edgar's Mission is one of my favourite animal charities ;)

    I hope you post photos of your cupcakes!

  2. yes eggers is soooo good! I will post photos never you fear! thanks for the support :)


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