Friday, August 5, 2011

shakahari - carlton

pan fried gnocchi with chia seed
stuffed tofu skins
tofu panacotta

You'll have to forgive my memory, I ate this quite a long time ago. Shakaharis' menu is almost all vegan now which is exciting! We popped in for a wee snack after going to La Mama, ordered a couple of entrees and a dessert to share, sadly the tofu creme caramel wasnt on the menu (MUST figure out how to make that). I tend to avoid 'fusion' food while out preferring to eat cusines in its natural environment but we went wild and crazy and ordred the gnocchi which was actually quite great. The texture was a tad rubbery but as always the tangy sauce transformed the dish into something incredible. The stuffed tofu skins were good, not knock your socks off, but of course that tangy sauce I could have licked the plate clean. The panacotta wasnt great and I wouldnt recommend. The texture is really gritty, your body naturally says 'off milk stop feeding me this'. I miss going to Shakahari. Must get along to Monday night Nova more and pop into Shakas.

Deets: best to book to avoid disappointment 201-203 Faraday St, Carlton ph: 9347 3848
$$: all dishes were around $13

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  1. oooh this looks fabulous! Everything is so beautifully plated, especially the gnocchi. Might have to put this one on the list to try.


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