Thursday, September 15, 2011

gnocci with blue cheezly and broccolini


Last week I had a real craving for comfort food. Real comfort food - carb loaded, creamy, dreamy, sleepy comfort food. In the effort to clear out my cupboards I had a carton of Isola rice cooking cream that had been hanging about for 6 months so it was time it got used.

I consider mock meat junk food and barely eat it, I also try and avoid wheat and heavily process foods BUT blue cheezly is the best vegan version of a food I miss EVER. It tastes so much like blue cheese its FREAKY. The rice cream is also really good, I was surprised. This meal turned out to be the most decadent post vegan meal I've ever had.

yields 4 medium meals
1 carton of Isola rice cooking cream
1/2 stick of blue cheezly, grated
gnocchi for 4 people*
1/2 bunch of broccolini, sliced thinly

1. Heat the rice cream on low and add the blue cheezly, it should be all melted and hot by the time the gnocchi has finished cooking.

2. Throw the gnocchi in salted boiling water, when it rises to the top its cooked.

3. Toss the gnocchi in the sauce and add the broccolini. The heat will be enough to cook the broccolini.

notes: Store bought dried gnocchi is vegan, I use 2 handfuls per person for a serving.
style points: For extra deliciousness add 1/4 block of smoked tofu, cubed small to the heated cream sauce.


  1. Hi thanks for this recipe. I live in Adelaide and have trouble finding some products - where do you get the cheezly (oh and also where do you buy your liquid smoke)? Thanks so much, really enjoy your blog. I do get some stuff through the Cruelty Free Shop.

  2. Ha ha, I just saw the add in the top corner - I guess this is where you do a lot of your shopping. Mmm pays to read, yeah. Cheers, Clare.

  3. Hi Clare,

    Yep you guessed it I source a lot of my goodies from the Vegan Store, I like to support people who support me!

    If you wanted to go into a store, Bliss Cafe in Adelaide has a fairly large shop as well.



    ps I buy liquid smoke from USA foods (they deliver look them up) but the tofu I suggest is already smoked. Blue Lotus is one brand, there is another but I can't remember its name right now.

  4. this looks seriously AMAZING! Will definitely be trying it when I have a kitchen again :D

  5. Where do u buy your gnocchi from?

  6. Hi There,

    most store bought dried gnocchi is vegan, I buy the Simply Wize gluten free gnocci from any large supermarket


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