Tuesday, September 27, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - the sunny coast edition

Argh it's 343 on Tuesday and I'm finally managing to post. Things are relaxed but really hectic if that makes sense (as opposed to being FULLY HECTIC) I'm taking my sweet ass time just climbing that mountain of stuff to do.

This year has been all about ticking things off the list, big lists, lists on a scroll that rolls to the end of the world. I have to say I've gotten a lot achieved. It's exciting. This week I finally applied for my Maltese passport, this has been 3 years of bureaucracy of getting all the right papers in place. Hooray! But unfortunately I have another 3-6 months to wait until I get my actual passport but then EU citizenship is MINE FOREVAAAR (or until the EU collapses etc).

This week I hit Purple Peanuts (twice nom nom), the usuals Espresso Hub and Simple Affair. I returned to the Vegie Bar and documented the final raw dish for you guys (hard life) and went to Milkwood for breakfast to discuss some SECRET VEGO BUSINESS. Got a new tattoo (crossing off things), popped my cruiser in for a service and headed off to the airport to spend a long weekend on the Sunshine Coast. Ahh sunshine, beach, swimming in the sea (even with a new tattoo NAUGHTY), raw food, big things, GOMA it WAS AMAZING.


win win

After hearing so many people yack it up at film festival this year I had it on my radar to give a whirl. That and I love Paul Giametti (who is getting monstrously fat - sad I DONT WANT YOU TO DIE BARNEY). This was a cute, family, predictable film but good for the genre. 2.5/5

sunshine coast
(food posts to come)


surrealism exhibition at GOMA
In it's final week I was pretty desperate to get to this exhibition but was pretty disappointed. I LOVE the idea of a surrealism exhibition WITHOUT Dali. But I felt the content just really lacked. The lay out and exhibition space was excellent. GOMA do such an awesome job, the Torres Strait Islander contemporary exhibition upstairs is really great, check it out if you go.

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