Monday, September 5, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Medium busy week, lots of drinking which is actually killing me a little bit. Ever since I started getting acupuncture I can drink like a fish which is novel for me because usually if I have more than 2 drinks in a night I'm wired on adrenaline for days unable to sleep or hold anything in my belly. Obviously my acupuncturist has been working on my adrenal gland trying to calm me down and it's WORKING - I'm the calmest I've been in years and consequently looking to party. It also coincides with opening season - lots of free booze, canapes and me lolling around with melting makeup doing my best Dorothy Parker impression, sleazing onto waiters and training them to top me up on a 5 minute basis.

This week I was spotted at: The Mess Hall sans camera, we had the breakfast beans minus fetta. The wait staff were super friendly and helpful in identifying what can be made vegan on the menu. Nothing earth shattering but where the sun is this time of year it's nice to be able to sit that side of Bourke St. Miss Marmalade (my local), Wide Open Road (skinny Scottish guy - I'm warming up to you), Coffea (Italian Barton Fink... Ima love you) and the lunch crew have finally started switching it up from Melbourne Bakehouse and gone back to Simple Affair as we finally realised the coffee at Bakehouse is terrible.


You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead - Marieke Hardy - Book Launch

Firstly, holy shit the Book Grocer on Collins St is magnificent! One of those amazing stores that get lost in the wash. Secondly, the dear, amazing, stunning, my number one fan (the feeling's mutual) Marieke Hardy was launching her much anticipated book. Lally Katz (squee) got up and said some lovely words, we ate some dip, I got to catch up and meet a few people I'd been dying to meet. All in all a sweet launch for a lovely lady. The book is hilarious too GO GET IT. I left mine on the tram on Friday, I hope someone is reading it!

September Bakesale - Fitzroy Market

The bakesale was a HOOG success. Thanks to everyone who brought goodies, came down, said hi, hung out and smiled at us. We had a ball. Can't wait till next one. I will be counting the mountain of change over the next couple of days and doing a post on it probably on Wednesday, stay tuned!

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