Monday, September 12, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

I was my usual busy this week but It felt relaxed and nicely paced. I had two nights at home (OH MY GOD) because a couple of things got cancelled so no wonder I'm feeling all relaxed. I'm all caught up on telle actually so any suggestions let me know, I just watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and I'm watching QI from the beginning (Alan Davies swoon). I just downloaded all of Futurama to watch again but am hoping to watch something else I havent seen before that. Community s3 starts next week, just in time because True Blood finishes and Breaking Bad is almost over for the year (but Dexter s5 and Peep Show s7 are about to begin in a month). #telleupdate.

I hit my usuals this week, Miss Marmalade, Vegie Bar, Von Haus, Journal, Simple Affair and made an appearance at Balderdash (new kid on the block in Port - been there a couple of times), Espresso Hub, Wide Open Road and Lord of the Fries. It was the first time I've had fried food in about 3 months (I did a liver cleanse to get over my addiction to fried food) and it tasted like nothing to me, it was really weird, I have no cravings for it now. I guess I just have to move on!


alan ball - the wheeler centre talks

well squee face ole me. We managed to score wonderful seats right near the man himself and he is as beautiful and self effacing as you would imagine him to be. He relaxed towards the end, Alan Brough is a wonderful interviewer, I really wish he had interviewed Joss Whedon last year. Anyway it was wonderful to see the man himself talk about his loves, his characters, how he writes specifically for boxed sets these days because whats more wonderful than being hooked on a tv show and watching a whole season in 12 hours straight. Yes YES YES.

look right through me - the malthouse

review on theatre alive coming soon

my son my son, what have ye done?

I really loved this. I loved the film treatment (grainy 70s washed out colour), the mixture of film mediums, the sets, the costumes, the overall direction and production. Total class act, really lovely. It wont appeal to many but the ones who it will will love it. 3.5/5


  1. Just around the corner from Balderdash in Port Melbourne you've gotta try My Sister Says, great little cafe, gorgeous atmosphere - 118 Bridge St. I go there when in Melbourne now, recommended by a friend.

  2. is that where Bowl of Soul used to be? I have to admit I avoid Bridge st out of saddness of the deceased Bowl of Soul!! will check it out.


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