Monday, September 19, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Man my liver is hating me right now. That's 4 nights this week Boozy McFalldown was out, terrorising the masses. I have *got* to cut down the amount of coffee and wine I drink, I'm just wired ALL the time. The sleep I get is deep but not very long. Yoga and mediation everyday this week for me.

I was spotted at The Union having a quiet Guiness, Simple Affair many times this week (new lunch spot), Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe (my new favourite place EVARR), Espresso Hub (quick morning coffee whilst waiting for the bus), Lord of the Fries (ugh my liver), Walkers Doughnuts (vegan dogs AMAZING hangover cure), I also gave blood because they have reduced the waiting times on tattoos to 6 months (before I continue with my sleeves next week). I stocked up at IKEA (went there at 5pm on a Thursday afternoon HEAVEN there were 10 people there!), had an night out and hit horse bazaar, thousand pound bend, the bottom end (so wrong it's right) and kelvin bar (fuck they can pour a drink). Henrys beans at wide open road were mashed into my face on more than one occasion and after a few false starts and a fair bit of stress I finally made it to planet vegmels 2 year anniversary picnic in Edinburgh Gardens where (I shit you not) I ate caramel slice, finger buns, rice paper rolls, apricot slice, rum balls, "crab" cakes, lamingtons, peanut butter chocolate cookies, quiche and fruitcake! Man no wonder I feel tired and worse for wear today. I'm heading to the Sunshine Coast this week for so much needed time away from MYSELF.


italian film festival - welcome to the south - opening party

Welcome to the South
(I could'nt find an english subtitled trailer) is a super cute comedy. Screwball, super fast paced, just how I like it. It's a remake of a French film, I really enjoyed the north/south tensions put in such a light hearted way. The after party was CRAZY, just packed with people but we had fun. A great night out. 3/5

a quiet life - italian film festival
Again can't find an english subtitled trailer, this film was TAUGHT. A really steadily paced thriller in the vein of A History of Violence this film is really amazing. Although 2 hours long (yes I know!) I loved it and it kept me engaged every step of the way. The lead, Toni Servillo is incredible. 4/5

the frowning clouds at the buffalo club
Club du jour atm in Melbs the Buffalo Club is everything I loved about Melbs when I first came here in 1999. Dingy stairwells, re-appropriated space, terrible bar. The Frowning Clouds have to be one of the best bands in Melbourne. I freaking love those kids, it's so strange seeing them grow up. I first started following the band when they were about 16, they're 19 now and still gangly, still squeaky, all amazing. I need to buy their albums proper. Check em out if you ever can.

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