Thursday, September 22, 2011

purple peanuts - melbourne


My food finally lasted long enough to get a snap shot of it. This is my FAVOURITE meal at the moment, vegie onigiri with teriyaki sauce, gome salad (beans, carrots and miso dressing) and rice salad (brown rice with all manner of delicious things). I'm going here AT LEAST 3 times a week at the moment, it's a great meal for me to grab on the run to school or volunteering.

Purple Peanuts is a tiny Japanese cafe at the bottom of Collins st. This cafe is super cute with stacks of succulents and bright colours. A tiny menu but the vegan options are about half and half (you can veganise most things there except the vegie burger - has egg in it). There are tables out the front and around the alley. I really love the atmosphere of this place. So do many others too, lunchtime is STACKED with the queue going out the door and down the street. They serve quickly, doing amazing turn over. GO THERE.

deets: 620 Collins Street Melbourne web: Google place page
$$: $7.90 (seriously)

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  1. I went here for the first time this week- so impressed- just love that rice salad! Good recommendation!

  2. Yuuuum....also wanted to comment as say have you seen this? Great new vegan mag....

  3. @maree they're amazing arent they!

    @mama jitterbug that mag looks awesome!

  4. Working across the street from here means purple peanut addiction!!!
    If you are looking for good coffee in the area there is a little crepe shop called Choix who use bonsoy milk and make great coffee's they often have vegan curries or soup on special!! I like their avocado and lime on sourdough too amazing stuff :)


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