Friday, September 30, 2011

simple affair - port melbourne


I finally got a photo! I usually take off to Port for lunch with only my phone and wallet so I never have my camera on me. Pictured is my favourite lunch in Port, the tofu fritter with rocket pesto and on that day broccoli quinoa salad. Simple Affair make really healthy and delicious food. They have 3 salads on rotation daily (2 are usually vegan), the staff are super friendly and their coffee is excellent. It’s a massive space, similar to the Vegie Bar but the opposite, it’s chilled and quiet, lots of big tables to lounge around. Port is a bit barren after Bowl of Soul closed down, there isnt much vegan friendly anything so Simple Affair is a nice break.

Deets: 224b Bay Street, Port Melbourne web: Simple Affair
$$: tofu fritter and salad is about $12

1 comment:

  1. Love this place - the staff are so friendly and the food rocks.


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