Monday, October 3, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

As the year is wrapping up I too am wrapping things up. I FINALLY have a venue and dates set up for cooking class, I am so grateful and happy! I feel like this is only the beginning, my dream is to have a suite of 4 or 5 classes and travel about teaching them in each capital city. But that is next year, at the moment it's all about getting started.

This week was a bit of Fringe Festival madness. I tried ignoring it for too long then my fear of missing out disorder snapped into overdrive and I booked 9 plays. Hooray!

Food wise I hit all the obsessions, Purple Peanuts, Simple Affair, Walkers Doughuts, MoVida Aqui, Borsch, Vodka and Tears and my new cooking class home Milkwood.


rhinoceros @ 5pound theatre

You can read my review over at Milkbar Mag.

real eyes @ chapel off chapel
Firstly I'd never been to Chapel off Chapel before so it was a suprise, what a lovely venue! It's huge! Real Eyes was wonderful, the city and experience of told through the eyes of people with disability. A few of the performers I'd seen before at Fringe about 4 years ago (incidentally was the most amazing thing I've EVER seen). This performance really moved me, each player got a solo and the difference in performance style and content was just wonderful. I can't speak highly enough of this, it's over now so sorry I didn't get it to you sooner.

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