Monday, October 10, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Well bye bye Italian Film Festival and Fringe Festival and hello International Arts Festival. Seriously can we get a couple of breaks please? like one month on one month off? I need to do some washing, homework, studying, work work, writing, theatre reviewing. This week I was dead sick, picked up a parasite god knows where so now it's Sunday night (yep getting the jump on this thing) and I'm jumping out of my skin to go back to work. Being sick I had to cancel *loads* of stuff for Fringe I'm so sad but happy I'm better so cest la vie as they say. Without further ado lets start with film because being home sick I got to catch up on some of this years movies:



un.real. how spunky is Eric Bana? Straight up action film with all the trimmings. Chase scenes, massive body count, loads of knives, guns, weird characters and some grimms fairy tales thrown in for good measure. This is gutsy action lightly hung together with an almost not needed plot, totally kick arse and awesome. 4/5.

drive Everyone keeps their clothes on, there's one kiss in the entire film and yet this is the hottest, steamiest movie I've ever seen (where there's no lovin). Pure genre and perfect. Absolutely, 100% perfect. I'm just blown away. Ryan Gosling is pure porn, silver scorpion driving jacket, aviators, tooth pick, black leather driving gloves. Everything about this movie is perfect, the costumes, cinematography, direction, editing, dialogue (especially lack thereof), timing everything. Seriously. This movie is amazing, one of the best genre films I've ever seen and my favourite film of the year. 5/5.

clyborne park - MTC
As this is my personal blog I can have a straight up bitch and say exactly how I feel, I am sick to death of MTCs plays - they are only about crazy mothers(and the families who suffer them) and rich middle aged people problems. This time its a "delightful play" about race and gentrification. Seriously... a play about gentrification... for rich white people. Pray please to the gods for them to program a slightly daring season, I promise you your subscribers wont hate it, they are far more intelligent, curious and willing than you give them credit for.

orphans - red stitch
review on Milkbar mag.

assembly - MIAF - the recital centre

A collaboration between Chunky Move and The Victorian Opera was either going to be appalling or amazing, thankfully it was amazing. Seriously. It jumped the shark there in the last 10 minutes when Paul Capsis came out and sang Diana Ross but that aside I was truly moved by this performance.

the manganiyar seduction - MIAF - the arts centre

Hypnotic and transfixing this was absolutely unreal. So powerful it was breath taking. The pipes on those kids, the flute player (something like a piccolo) played a melody non stop for 5 minutes, that is some serious circular breathing. The crowd went nuts, I've never heard a crowd like that in the main hall, I dont have words for this it left me completely speechless. I'm so juiced by Arts Festival now I'm booked in for 3 others but I'm going to book more.. right.. NOW!

psst.. did you see me on three thousand yesterday? yay! people love the cooking class :)


  1. So with you on Drive, lady. Could watch it another two times.


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