Monday, October 17, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

hello! how are we all on this fine and sunny day? It's been a busy week here at EAVP headquarters - Arts Festival is in full swing and I've been loving *every second* of it. News, well I had a stressful day on Friday trying to reconfigure my URL to my new domain host. I learned something new out of it which is exciting but yeah blah! So that wont happen again thankfully as I will be staying with godaddy forevs.

Cooking class is going swimmingly. The first date is selling quickly, there are 7 seats available so let me know if you would like to come. The second date (27th November) has only had a few bookings so far so that is wide open. There's been a few bookings as birthday presents which I just think is the sweetest gesture ever. Gift vouchers are available for Christmas, I will be publishing January and February dates really soon.

Due to being sick a few weeks ago I haven't really been cooking so it's going to be restaurants for a while until I get some recipes under my belt to share with you. Well that all taken care of let's get to the outs.


political mother - arts festival

I'm trying to go to more dance things, expand my understanding of it all. Political Mother was a lot of fun, it was pretty camp and sat near rock opera kind of territory but I liked it all the same. The dancers were of such exceptional skill I was completely blown away. I found this a bit boring with some very interesting parts.

aesop rock with kimya dawson - arts festival

Aesop Rock is pretty much my fave rapper so almost shat myself when I found out he was coming here for arts. He is touring with Kimya Dawson (yes she of the Juno soundtrack/Mouldy Peaches fame) so it's a really bizarre little duet thing they have going there. Their love for each other is undeniable but really I think you sat in two camps, one you were there for Kimya or you were there for Ace. Kimyas not really my thing so we just waited until the Ace solo set. He was U H M A Z I N G. Totally blew my mind. I had the best night and most fun I'd had in ages. It was at the Forum and there was plenty of room to move, the crowd was very chilled out and respectful it was awesome.

sun rings - the kronos quartet - arts festival
A collaboration between NASA and the Kronos Quartet. I found this so moving and so beautiful. The visuals, the singers the score. Just breath taking.

ps: I went back to Tom Phat review coming soon.

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