Friday, October 7, 2011

the vegie bar - fitzroy


yes! At first I thought that this was it, this was the last raw meal to document at the vegie bar, that was until I saw Ceri (Healthy Party Girl) post this week with so many dishes I havent eaten yet! NOOOOOOO *clutches chest* I can't wait to get them in mah belly.

This is the fixed main meal for dinner (they only do the full raw menu before 3pm), the living stack. With portobello mushroom, beetroot puree, sundried tomatoes, cashew cream and lots of other goodies. This is nice, not as great as all the other raw meals but perfectly fine and hits that spot when you want a massive hit of vegies. I want their raw restaurant to open NOW! NOW NOW NOW.

Deets: 378 Brunswick St Fitzroy, 03 9417 6935 web: the vegie bar
$$: $12 for the living stack?

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  1. Holy heck! That looks amazing!

  2. Haha. Well played. Greta photo!

  3. Haha. Well played. Great photo!


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