Tuesday, November 22, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - the tuesday edition

kidlets, I am SO excited. I finish school NEXT WEEK *breathes into paper bag* let us not think of the project management assignment I have due in by February because SUMMA IZ HEAR!

Last week saw me southside at a project management course. It's always so great to explore somewhere you don't go very often, Fitzroy st has some serious food cred. I nommed on sourdough rolls from Baker di Chirico, licked the window of Golden Fields, had some seriously amazing curries at VegOut Time and had some fabulous coffee at St Kilda Snack Bar. Biggest thing I noticed was coffee is WAY cheaper southside, like 50c-75c sounds like so little but it makes a huge difference especially if its 25% of the price.

Low and behold I spent MOAR time southside, I got tattooed on Saturday and attempted to go to Red Stitch on Sunday (stuffed up the times BOO) but went to Borsch, Vodka and Tears both times (second best avo on toast in Melbourne - the first being Stephanie Alexanders). Pran I can also recommend Dukes for really rad coffee and friendly service.

Friday night I went to Ponyfish Island for a quick drink it was just when the huge thunder storm was rolling through and it was an AWESOME place to watch it. After that I went to the AGM for Friends of the ABC, Friends of the ABC are an ABC watchdog/lobby group who do really great work. The ABC is the last avenue of ad free media in this country and it's of crucial importance we maintain its integrity and production in house. To check out what Friends of the ABC do and BECOME A MEMBER check out their website. Christine Nixon was the main speaker and she did a fascinating talk abut her opinions and relationship with the media. I got to ask her a couple of questions, it was very very cool and interesting.

I also hit the usuals Lord of the Fries (vegan POTATO AND GRAVY), Purple Peanuts and Miss Marmalade.

As for outs, there is only one proper


the fellatio monologues
Long story how I ended up there but suffice to say I went with very VERY low expectations. It was actually a scripted, performed play as opposed to the vagina monologues. I have to say I didnt mind it.. which would mean that a lot of people might actually *like* it. It's difficult to review it without all sorts of unintended innuendo but it was entertaining and only mildly offensive(and that's me being the offensive police - Dave thought I was being too sensitive). It actually had a bit of heart and I saw what it was trying to say/ground it was trying to cover but it was a tad clumsy, I have faith in the maturation of the material. Anyway it's run has finished now but the biggest revelation was the SPACE. Revolt in Kensington is CRAZY. A huge warehouse all decked out with a couple of theatres and an art gallery space. Me wanty, WANT WANT WANT.

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