Monday, November 7, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

I had a relaxing week last week, I only worked 2.5 days. It's just so nice to have a big sleep then get into your day. Don't get me wrong I still worked my arse off but took my time and didn't rush between things. I also didn't go to school last week so life was peachy. I've got 3 weeks left (argh) and then I'm free for the summer, can't friggen wait!

I planted my summer garden of herbs and vegies (all in terracotta pots on the balcony) I'm excited to see how they turn out. Still nesting like crazy, getting things framed, finally sending things to people I've had horded for years. I also visited the Vegie Bar, Miss Marmalade, Degraves Espresso Bar, Purple Peanuts, Movida Next Door.


life on earth - MTC
Another COORAAZZYY ZANY WOMAN play. It wouldnt be MTC without a crazy woman as the protaganist. I did however enjoy this play. I feel like it gets some kind of pity points because it's normally the sort of play they relocate (successfully) to their Lawler Theatre program. So kudos to MTC for putting a new play, by a woman on the main stage. But boo for the women in your plays always being crazy.

Lally Katz is an odd one, her world is beautiful and strange like an exotic fruit you're afraid to eat because it might be poisonous.

food bloggers picnic
- edinburgh gardens is an annual Australian food bloggers event. This year was their second one but they unfortunately chose to have the meat and dairy industry as their main sponsor and have most of the events main meals at steak houses etc. So confessions of a food nazi decided to hold an alternative inclusive event in Edinburgh gardens. And what a day for it, 30 degrees, all sunshine it was such a wonderful day. So nice to hang out with lovely people eating loads of delicious food.

world vegan day - abbotsford convent

Wow well this was my first World Vegan Day I made it to and it was NUTSO! *So* many people! I couldnt believe it. I happily gorged all day on whatever I wanted a hawaiian pizza calzone, 'chicken' satay skewers, curry puffs, cupcakes yes I was pretty unwell later but it was sooo good! I hung out all day at the Vegan Style store and said hi to so many people I know online but haven't met face to face. All in all it was a fun day I bought some Ayurveda beauty products and some childrens books and toys for my nephew. I was very glad to crawl onto the couch later that night. Till next year!


  1. The Hawaiian calzone is now my number 1 food! Can't believe I've never had one of these from Las Vegan before. I worked on the vegan coffee cart all day. Here's a bit of a photo roundup on my Tumblr

    This year was definitely the most people I've ever seen there, it was such a fantastic day!

  2. @jessica I KNOW I CANT BELIEVE HOW AMAZING IT IS... oh I was hanging out right near you all day! I know what you look like now so will say hi the next time I see you... great pics!


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