Tuesday, November 15, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Well last week felt busy but in reality I didn't go out that much. I have my major assignment for Business Analysis due this week (presentation a week early so I can go to D O L L Y), I'm on a project management course this week and I have my database design assignment due the week after. So all in all I've been stressing. And what happens when I've been stressing? I be drinking. Friday night got maggotron at Grouse but had so.much.fun. until I crashed my bike on the way home and dropped my phone in the toilet *face palm* anyway I herald the arrival of spring by my first bender so hello to the warmer weather. Bring on the end of school.

Last week saw me flutter around Acustico (great new cafe in my hood) and a couple of trips Purple Peanuts (cant get enough of that rice salad).


As mentioned I went nuts at the queer disco. It's at the end of my street so there was NO EXCUSE not to go. So many of my friends turned up it ended up being like queer Cheers. Super old friends too, it's so nice (and smart) that almost all of my friends from Sydney live here now (and by here I mean Brunswick also). Fab. I havent been to Grouse in years... keen to start up again! (perhaps sans crawing around on table tops and trying to pash straight men).

clairy brown and the bangin rackettes
These chickos (and fab guys) are amazing. So freaking hot, the cd launch was epic HOWEVER to all the rockabilliy skanks who just turned up to stand around look skanky and TALK CONSTANTLY ALL NIGHT without ever paying attention to a single band, you suck.

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