Monday, November 28, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

A joyful week for me I got to knock off number 3 on my bucket list which was DOLLY PARTON (#1 is bowie #2 is daniel smith). But before that lets talk about the food. Started off with the final day of my project management course at AIM, one more lunch at VegOut Time a fine start to the week. I also had some pre Dolly dinner at Yamato (Corrs Lane) and found the food not as good as the Russell st one so ... take your pick (but perhaps they were just having a mediocre day). However THE WAITER SPOKE JAPANESE it was so exciting.

I got invited to a Christmas cupcake decorating event at Cupcake Central. I brought along my friend Tahn and her 3 kids and we had heaps of fun decorating 4 gluten free vegan cupcakes. I will be doing a post on this later in the week. Sheryl at Cupcake Central is just the sweetest lady ever (no pun intended ha!)

Finally, I hit the regulars of Miss Marmalade and Wide Open Road for some coffee hits.

I have my last exam on Wednesday then SEE YA SUCKAS school (thank God it's super late this year). I finish work on the 22nd of December till the 10th of January and I'm going to do ZERO. I don't think I will even be blogging. Really really need a proper break after a crazy year.

Thanks to everyone who came to class yesterday I had a ball. I'm so happy I'm getting better and more relaxed at teaching this class I enjoy so much teaching and talking with everyone. Thank you!


little match girl - meow meow
my review is on theatre alive

dolly parton
I don't really even know what to say about this. She was/is absolutely phenomenal, Dolly's voice in particular is heart breaking. So amazing. I cried BUCKETS at this gig. I'm so grateful I got to see her. Thank you universe!


  1. Class was so much fun and I will make every single thing I learnt! Cheers Gina :)

  2. thanks Gina! your expression when you ate the chocolate tart was PRICELESS xx


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