Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wood spoon - collingwood

agedashi tofu
dengaku don
pumpkin dumplings in coconut cream

On a rainy night where bickering back and forth as to where to eat lead us to places that were closed we became glad parameters were set for us. We were on Smith st, hungry, a little damp and slightly cranky. Although I think Wabi Sabis food is great I also think it's too expensive. So we went to Wood Spoon Kitchen after recommendations from quite a few people but namely my foodie vego twins Cindy and Michael. Wood Spoon Kitchen was actually only slightly cheaper but the food lacked the same quality.

The agedashi tofu was delicious, all those things you want crispy, salty and creamy. My dengaku don wasn't great, the nasu dengaku sauce I'm used to is a lot more flavourful, this was limp and brown is the only word I can think for it. The vegies were all a little too mushy and so was the rice. My dessert of sweet pumpkin dumplings in coconut cream was delicious though and saved the meal.

Wood Spoon get lots of points for having a well labelled menu (vegan/vegetarian) and the restaurant is great, spacious with super friendly staff. I would definitely go back and try a few different things but for value for money and consistent quality I would keep going back to Yamato.

deets: 88 Smith St, Collingwood
$$: agedashi tofu $8.90 nasu dengaku don $15.90 dessert $7.90

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  1. I hate to burst the bubble on Wood Spoon - I know how many vegans and vegetarians love the place - but a significant number of the vegan/veg dishes actually contain fish.
    I was there earlier this year and decided to double check what the kitchen meant by vegan/veg and according to the chef working that night the miso always contains fish ingredients, and I was told that because it is pre-prepared the fish ingredient cannot be left out. Most of the seemingly vegan options on the menu contain miso. The dengaku don, for example, is made with miso and the chef confirmed that it did therefore contain fish even though they claim it's vegan.
    They are knowingly misleading their customers whilst maintaining a reputation for being particularly vegan/veg friendly.
    That's a bit sneaky wouldn't you say?!

  2. Hi H,

    Thanks for your comment, I'm going to be sending this to Wood Spoon Kitchen for right of reply. I really hope it's not true!


  3. Peko Peko on Smith St. is pretty cheap, has heaps of vegan options, and is pretty tasty.

  4. Hey T,

    I havent been there in AGES must try it out again.


  5. Thanks for the link love, as always. :-)

    We haven't been to Wood Spoon for AGES and I think they've changed their approach a bit - it started out all lunchy with cheap snacky flavoured onigiri and stuff. The don buri cost much less.

    Rest assured, we've got Yamato bookmarked for a visit!

  6. for everyone: I have sent Wood Spoon the comment via their website and have not heard back from them as yet.


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