Thursday, December 15, 2011

bells are jingling

Here's a few things I like to do for Christmas. I usually make quite a few salads to keep it light in the hot weather. However this year it's looking like a cool Christmas in both Sydney and Melbourne so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I might make a nut roast for the first time. An Ottolenghi salad is most definitely going to be made. I'm going to be home with my Mum who eats very differently to me so I'm going to make enough to last me the 4 days I'm in Sydney.

For my previous Christmas efforts please see my Christmas tag, especially the "How to survive the family roast" article about how to keep your cool and keep your glaringly obvious veganism at a minimum. If you're looking for a different Christmas present get them a cooking class gift voucher! And finally check out how others are doing their Chrissys (drool worthy posts!). What are YOU doing for Chrissy feast?



  1. So far my plan is -

    Basic roast vegies - baby hasslebacks, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, and onion.
    Creamy herbed potato bake
    Sauteed green beans and broccolini
    cauliflower mash
    Garlicky squash
    Spinach Gratin
    whiskey glazed carrots
    Yorkshire puddings
    plain dinner rolls
    Tofurky and "beef" roasts
    Christmas rum bunt cake
    Povitica loaf
    Christmas Pudding with custard
    Eggnog truffles
    Fruit mince pies

    Drinks -
    Raspberry Christmas Pimms Punch

    So far anyways :)

  2. dear god!! sounds amazing!

  3. i just discovered roast pumpkin, feta and sage pie (i know, vego not vegan - but vegan substitutes for feta would be appreciated) - it's really easy - i use frozen puff pastry sheets (they're vegan) - one to line the pie dish and one to cover over the top. you can fold the sides of the pastry under and over each other to seal it. i roasted the pumpkin then put it on top of the pastry in the pie dish and masjed it slightly, then sprinkled feta over. for a option vegan i was thinking you could try olives instead (im thinking of going vegan so if anyone has any suggestions for other feta substitutes - something salty to compliment the sweetness of the pumpkin that would be great!), then i put in a few cut up sage leaves and then the pastry lid - it's really easy and even my non vego, pumpkin disliking friends said it was v tasty and to me pie seems kind of christmassy

  4. Wow, Arly, fabulous menu!!

    It's so cool to see what everyone is planning. I did a test run of my first ever tofurky this weekend, and it was a great success!! (Recipe here: So looking forward to seeing the post-Xmas reports on all of their delicious fuds!

  5. Good luck with the nut roasts - they are easy and best for cooler Christmases so I think this might be a good year - I am doing my same old nut roast but we had a nice christmas meal on the weekend that I will post soon - festive bangers and mash! Yum


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