Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bodhi - sydney

stuffed tofu pockets
rice paper rolls
stuffed duck rolls
curried buns
pigs in blankets
spring rolls

Bodhi was one of the only vegetarian restaurants in Sydney for SO LONG. I first went to Bodhi in 1997 and loved it back then. Everytime I go home I have the intention of going to Bodhi but never seem to get there! (and am usually in the city on my own, Bodhi is to be enjoyed with at least another person to share dishes). Clare and I were staying in Surry Hills and stopped there for yum cha on the way to the AGNSW. I dont remember it being fully vegan the last time I went there but it is now and its a speechless luxury to be able to sit there as they roll out dish after dish after dish of vegan food for you to choose from.

The food was AMAZING. All delicious and fresh and readily available (my favourite). The curry buns, tofu pockets and spring rolls were definitely the highlight. The duck rolls weren't that great, I wouldnt order them again. The other dishes were also amazing. Would happily eat the rest many times over.

A lot of people find Bodhi too expensive. I don't find that at all. We ate until stuffed and took home a container of leftover food as well (you can do that in Sydney), we both drank a glass of wine and the total bill plus small tip came to $60. I think that's a bargain.

deets: lower mezzanine level of Cook and Philip Park, 2-4 College St Sydney web:
$$: as said all that food plus 2 glasses of wine $60

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  1. I love this place! I try to go there every time I visit Sydney. Just to be able to pick any steamer you want as they glide past is such a treat for us veg*ns...

  2. The pigs in a blanket are incredible and thanks for sharing! I’ve been inspired to feature these in today's Friday Food Fetish roundup. If you have any objections, please let me know. Have a wonderful holiday and keep amazing food coming!

  3. Does anyone know where you can get a recipe book with these types of recipes? We went to Bodhi on the weekend but since we travel a lot we can't always get these great tasting vegan meals and I'd love to learn to make them!


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