Tuesday, December 6, 2011

twenty eleven resolutions

This is the second year I set clear goals and resolutions and it's really changed the way I see and approach my life. Last years goals really got me onto a track that I've gone further with and has enabled me to grow but also enabled me to relax because I have focus. Also this year instead of it being the mad scramble at the end to tick things off I found I felt I had achieved enough (even by my ridiculously high standards) by November and that I could kick back for the rest of the year. Amazing.

Ok here goes things I achieved (combined from my proper resolutions list and the 'idle' goals list - things I wont necessarily commit to, it's an opportunity thing)

1. Not work full time (worked 4 days per week this year)
2. Continue school, sat 4 subjects all with HDs
3. New laptop
4. New wardrobe (I was sick of looking like a poor hobo!)
5. All new furniture (again tossing out all of my dumpster dive stuff)
6. To commit to doing yoga everyday (even just for 10 minutes)
7. Full site redesign for EAVP
8. Full site design and load for carlasammut.com
9. Lifelong dream of teaching cooking classes began this year
10. Lifelong dream #2 I started doing theatre review (Theatre Alive and Milkbar Mag)
11. Move my super into ethical investment
12. Put more money into my super ($200 per month salary sacrificed)
13. To go to the country more: I went to the country almost every month last year all over Australia (and some parts of New Zealand) this is something I very much want to continue
14. Getting into the water. I had an excellent beach year this year again something I'm keen to continue
15. It wasn't on any list but was a total dream of mine to take the full 2 weeks off for MIFF. It was... spectacular.

resolutions I did not achieve:
1. Get debt free (am *so* close)
2. Get a new SLR (reason being #1)
3. Finish the cookbook (about 1/4 way through)
4. Get a new projector (the old one is still going strong)
5. 5km fun run (had major health problems this year from mouldy house hell)
6. NMIT photog course - not sure I want to do this anymore but definitely something shorter

resolutions I continued:
1. Volunteering - I started volunteering at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives and Friends of the ABC. I also sporadically (when I'm in town and it's not raining) had a vegan bake sale raising money for animal charities. Last financial year I filed $2500 in donations. I'm hoping to beat that this year
2. Paid off another 5K off my debts and managed to completely renew my life
3. Sunscreen my tattoos
4. Buy a book every week (my bedroom is starting to look scary)
5. Honour 3x$50 rule. I wasn't super strict with this but I definitely spent more money in local business namely Radical Grocery and Brunswick Bound. I don't think I would have made the $150 per month but definitely would have spent $100 per month in local independent businesses. Something to concentrate on more next year.

2012 resolutions:
1. Do a course JUST FOR ME
2. Debt free
3. Save money!
4. Finish my sleeves (again *so* close)
5. New SLR
7. 5km fun run
8. Get the rest of the stuff I need framed DONE
9. Go to GOMA and MONA at least twice each
10. Continue past resolutions

But I think my most significant achievement of this year is standing up to my family and telling them in no unequivocal terms who I am. That I won't tolerate homophobia, sexism or racism in my life whether it be from my friends or my family. I've been placid and unwilling to rock the boat for so long and now I can't do it any longer. And that I won't apologise for my veganism. It should not be an affront to you or how you live your life, I'm simply making ethical choices that fit my values.

I have neglected to mention thanks. Thanks to Lisa Dempster, one of the most inspiring women I know, whose festival Emerging Writers always kicks my arse into gear to take things into a different galaxy. Marieke Hardy for her unswerving devotion to the blog, her kind words and fandom has kept me on track quite a few times (thank you!). Dan from Milkbar, ever patient and stoic in the face of my "mountain of energy" I take things *so* seriously and to heart and he talks me off the ledge/gives a heartfelt apology at exactly the time that is needed. To my partners in crime, Daniel and Clare I love you with all my heart. For all my darling friends for being there, at some points of this year I've been like fukushima because of the amount of stuff I take on, you are all so patient, loving and kind with me I couldn't do it without you. To Alice and Karim for all my late night/early morning video calls that make me feel connected to my 2 other lives. My recipe testers and fellow bloggers, you have all inspired me to no end I love our community THANK YOU.

And finally, this is the first year of my life that I haven't for one second felt lonely. I'm not sure I can attribute all of it to the goals process but there is something there. Something about focusing on what YOU want to do, what makes your heart sing.


  1. WOW! You have achieved so much this year! Congratulations :)

  2. This is just great. Congrats. You have achieved so much! I hope there are more people like you. Best wishes from Canada.

  3. Inspiring, congratulations, hope you achieve even more in 2012. Thanks, Clare.

  4. Congratulations, Carla.. It's great to see what happens after people set goals, and how they end up. It's also good that you're not set-in-stone, that you're willing to modify where appropriate. Keep up the great work!!

  5. congratulation for your achievements!

  6. hope your 2012 resolutions will be achieved too!

  7. your achievements and blog are super-inspiring. thank you for sharing both! congratulations on all your goals and i hope you have a very fulfilling new year!

  8. so inspiring reading this, makes me so happy :)
    very important to reward and see what we have achieved and not just what we need to do!
    ur amazing... u always were! xx

  9. thanks to everyone for their kind comments! now get out there and think about what YOU want to acheive next year xxx

  10. Well done Carla! You've provided me with lots of inspiration to write my own list. Standing up to your family/loved ones is sometimes the hardest thing to do but probably the most important. I was vegetarian years ago but allowed everyone elses beliefs to dominate my own - in February I will celebrate one year of returning to Vegetarianism and now Veganism and I feel like it's had a fantastic ripple effect into asserting control over other parts of my life too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy working through your new list. Cheers Karla

  11. Thanks Karla.. thats lovely of you and yes I know how you feel!


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