Thursday, January 12, 2012

max mex y'all


According to Foursquare, many many many of my friends practically live at Mad Mex. It's piqued my curiosity for sure but really.. you think how good can it be for a *vegan*. Well happy to report it's great! And really gluten free friendly too!

Mad Mex rock the same line production business model as Chipotle in the States. You order what vessel you want (quesadilla, taco etc) and what filling (vegetarian minus dairy) and they pass it through the line. Super delicious and fantastic for when you're hungry on the move. This year I am giving up wheat and Lord of the Fries I think Mad Mex is going to fill those shoes! Their website also has this UH-MAZING calorie calculator.

deets: loads of locations in NSW, Windsor and Melb Central for VIC, QLD Fortitude Valley and WA Hillarys Harbour
$$: cheap like $8 for 2 tacos


  1. It's my favorite! When it opened in Brisbane a few months ago my boyfriend and I decided we'd basically live there, best vegan Tex Mex ever! :D

  2. My bf and I love this place...he always talks about franchising and bringing one to Melbourne :)

    It's one of the more authentic Tex-Mex places I've been to in Australia.


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