Monday, January 16, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Well I'm back on deck and my liver is already over heating. My life is exhausting sometimes I'm glad I had that 3 weeks at home doing sweet FA. Work has also been pretty intense but will slow down slightly once a major project I've been working on comes to an end on January 28th (bring it the fuck on). Midsummma has begun! I'm going to try and get along to a few literary and theatre events. Are you doing anything for Midsumma? Any tips? Well lets get into it, last week was my birthday so it was action packed for me.

I ate at Gingerboy (havent changed their menu in a year *yawn*), Movida Next Door (amazing as per usual), Mad Mex, 1000 Pound Bend (they have an awesome vegan buckwheat noodle dish on the menu now) and the usual coffee haunts like Wide Open Road, Miss Marmalade, My Sister Says, Journal, Self Preservation, Green, Von Haus etc etc.


high tea at the windsor
Look it was never going to be *incredible* being vegan and gluten free for me. Its like going to an italian restaurant and getting gluten free vegan. Will do a post about it soon. It was however a lovely way to spend an afternoon with my lovely Clare.

Wonderful. That boy is just gorgeousness. Seriously. But the HiFi bar is a fucking oven in summer get some air conditioning ffs!

david sedaris

Another completely gorgeous man. It's SO different hearing him read his own works, I was crying with laughter. He's so wonderful and bitter and loving and all those good things. Get his books!

urban display suite
review on Milkbar.

carnival - midsumma
I was vollying at the stall for the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (I'm on the board). We do really important work in preserving queer history in Australia. Become a member! It's only $21.

negative energy inc.
review on Milkbar.


  1. Happy birthday for last week, Carla!

  2. man, i'm jealous you saw beirut. they played in auckland recently and it sold out before i could get a ticket. fingers crossed he comes back soon!


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