Monday, January 30, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

hello. don't mind me I'm just dying of heat stroke over here. The air con didn't work in my office for 4 days and got fixed on the Wednesday which was the only tolerable day. Let's get started because I hate life at the moment. warning will have copious complaints about everything being too hot.

Food coming on the blog sometime soon will be more spudbar action (FARKIN LOVE IT), we ate ourselves into oblivion at Shakaharis (they don't have aircon either it's fucking ridiculous), I had loads of cocktails and a few snacks at Cutler and Co and plan on going back for another meal sometime soon. I hit up Cafe Rosamond ridiculously hungover and had the Di Special sanger sans mayo and bacon it was PERFECT HANGOVER TREATMENT.


rigor mortis @ the owl and cat
my review has gone missing... still chasing that up don't know why it wasn't posted but ANYWAY it's over now so you can't see it. Was fun, bloody schlock horror fun. The Owl and Cat (like pretty much everything in this city this week) was sweltering, especially with quite a few people in there.

the pineapple sorrows @ la mamma
my review on milkbar magazine. even with aircon was way too hot in there too.

autoluminescent - shadow electric @ the convent
easily now my favourite outdoor cinema in Melbourne. Loads of seats, great indoor space with free ping pong, no pretention. Freaking great. And fantastic curated season as well. The film about Roland was lovely. I was at his second last gig and it was obvious that he was very unwell. I hope he gets remembered as one of our most significant artists, it was a lot of food for thought on the eve of Australia Day.


  1. I also had a ridiculously humid night at Shakahari recently. Well not a night as such, barely an hour due to it being unbearable inside the restaurant. I'd read they were opening up in Sth Melbourne but I didn't realize they were actually shutting the Carlton restaurant until I talked to them on the night. No set date for closure but probably April. So enjoy the northside vegan/GF offerings while they're still here.

  2. I had heard they were opening up another restaurant but I didnt realise they were shutting down Carlton!! noooo!!!!

  3. Wow. Big news. Need to organise a final trip to Shakahari Carlton, STAT!

  4. Lisa good idea - but not on a humid night!


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